Your Smartphone as an Asset

Most of us carry around smartphones these days. Smartphones are capable of taking pictures, recording conversations, and even logging geographic coordinates. These tools, along with others can provide great assistance if you’ve been injured.

First, take photos. Take photos of the other vehicle if you’re in an auto accident. Take photos of the area you fell if you’ve been involved in a slip and fall incident. Take pictures of the surrounding environment. Take pictures of the officer/manager who helped you. Take photos of the relevant contact information of all involved parties. Having pictures allows you to present that information to your Georgia Personal Injury attorney without having to write everything down while your adrenaline is spiking immediately after the incident.

Next, turn on your voice recording device. As long as you are a party to the conversation, Georgia law allows you to record your interactions with others. Keep that audio recording as proof. There may be an admission of fault or a willingness to help with medical bills the at-fault party may deny at a later date. Having that audio recording allows you to present it later during settlement negotiations or even at trial.

The more documentation you have regarding the actual incident, the easier it is for your attorney to piece together everything that is necessary. It assists us in the event you forget whether Fulton or Dekalb County Police responded to the scene, or if the insurance company says the vehicles were not damaged. We’ve got the proof, from immediately following the incident.

Deep within those pictures and recordings is metadata that logs the location where it was taken, the date it was taken and other information that may be helpful in resolving your Atlanta personal injury claim.

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